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Integrated Control Systems
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Integrated Control Systems
Industrial automation
Automation cabinet
Industrial controllers SIEMENS, VIPA, IPC DAS
Visualization and control via SCADA systems
Industrial automation
Idustrial automation and ERP system for the entire feed mill production cycle
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Idustrial automation and ERP system fot GRAINSTORE
An integrated information system for trade in spare parts
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    ITISoft Ltd. is a company established in 1992. More than 25 years we develop and improve our products related to automation of manufacturing and information systems. Our goal is to build long term mutually beneficial relationships with our partners and customers, to provide high quality and easy to use products and useful services aiming to assist their development.




"Viand" LSC

Manufacturing and marketing of a wide range of raw materials, meals, fish meals, feed additives, premixes, complete feed, compound feed and professional equipment for livestock farming.

Manufacturer of compound feed for livestock to the Bulgarian Agency for Food Safety MAF.

 Black Sea Feed

Manufacturer of compound feed.

 cargill logo


Cargill provides food, agriculture, financial and industrial products and services to the world.

Autohit 2000 Ltd

Sale of new cars Volkswagen and Audi, repair and maintenance of vehicles, wholesale and retail with original spare parts for Volkswagen and Audi

Autohit Trade Ltd
Internet shopping for auto parts.


Manufacturer of high quality beers.


Gradus Ltd 

The largest producer of poultry in Bulgaria.


SIS Industries

One of the biggest Bulgarian manufacturers of bulk and bottled wines and spirits. Produces spirits and wine brands: "Savoy Club", "McCoy", "Karnobat", "Crown", "Aheloi", "Mansion House", "Imperial", "Cardinal".


Agroelit Ltd.

The Company operates in the following sectors: large-scale grain production, seed production, production of forage blend mixes and pig breeding.


Choco Team Ltd.

Manufacturer of wafers.


Auto Original Ltd

An established leader in the Bulgarian market in trade of auto parts and accessories.


Vladini Trading

Manufactures and bioconcentrates feed for poultry, pigs, ruminants and other animals under the brand Extra Feed.



Purchase of Wheat, storage and production of flour, bran and bread.


Zara feed

Manufacture of prepared feeds for farm animals (fodder).

 Agrogarant Service Ltd
Official representative and authorized distributor of agricultural machinery and equipment from the world leaders in the manufacture of machinery
 “Нова – 96’ ООД

Nova-96 Ltd, Pravishte

Production of combined fodder and trade.



Trading of compound feed, feed raw materials and specialized German products Wisan, Ibeka & Panto, ProteMix


 Ustrel Ltd Ruse

Purchase, storage and handling of grain fodder.



Warehouse, grain storage.

Автозона – 2000 

Autozona - 2000

Distribution of original spare parts, new and used for BMW, ROVER, LAND ROVER and MINI.


Mec-Diesel Bulgaria Ltd.

The company offers consumables, spare parts, lubricants, engines and spare parts for use with vehicles and industrial engines.

 Deoro Ltd.
Prolet- 90 - Georgi Arabadgiev

HCS Shumen part of the "Boni Holding" JSC

One of the largest companies in the Bulgarian food industry leader in pork production, and is among the most established manufacturers of meat products and sausages.

Свинекомплекс Бръшлен АД
Pig Farm Brushlen 
Feed Mill Factory MULTY MIX Samoilovo


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