For efficient management of production processes in an enterprise prominently build a modern SCADA system. Control systems are emerging as a mandatory element in providing economical and reliable operation in every sector of industry. Development and their popularity is owed by one part of the desire to provide operators complete control and quality management processes, and the other - the pursuit of guidelines to regulate costs in their businesses.

Supervisory and control of the entire production cycle of the factory. It is implemented through industrial controller and computer based on Windows XP. It is connected to the central database server of the company.

We have developed SCADA system for control and visualization in the following sectors:

Some of the support functions:

           ✔ Implementation and optimization of recipes dosage of compound feed bioconcentrates, vitamin premixes and others;
           ✔ Create a daily schedule with jobs dosing based on established recipes;
           ✔ Dosing components of many scales.
           ✔ Monitor manually dispensing components (in-stream and in advance);
           ✔ injection of fat and other liquids;
           ✔ Splitting of grain components;
           ✔ Mix;
           ✔ Transporting the finished product;
           ✔ Load cells and silos with grain and other raw;
           ✔ Control charging to avoid mixing of raw materials;
           ✔ Information quantities manufactured products and raw materials;
           ✔ Traceability of raw materials used in batch for each batch of product manufactured by barcode system;
           ✔ The system is connected with the information system of enterprise "Alaska-Storage" and "Alaska-Accounting" where registered products produced and written inputs.


Some of the support functions:

          ✔ Manual and automatic controlю
          ✔ Plan production by shifts
          ✔ Controlling the transportation
          ✔ Multiple manufacturing reports
          ✔ Information for all error messages at work
  • SCADA for DDGS

Some of the support functions:

          ✔ Controlling the transportation
          ✔ Measuring scale assembly
  • SCADA for brewery

Some of the support functions:

         ✔ Management and visualization of the fermentation process
         ✔ Reports



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