ItiSoft Ltd. develops modules for 3 types of production:

1. General production
It includes production schemes for commodities (materials, labor, etc.). On the basis of the recorded output, it sends automatically an order for materials to the store and charges the preset production costs for it.

2. Forage
The information systems Alaska@Forage and Alaska@Mill include all necessary for the relevant production.

  • Make and send production orders to the automated production system.
  • Order the required quantity of materials based on the production order.
  • Control the process of dosing, mixing, crushing, liquid injection, etc. by the “Automated production management system for fodder factory”. 
  • Control the manual dosing by a “Control system for manual dosing of components”
  • Control the packaging process by a “Packaging control system” 
  • Form up a document on the quantities produced by types of items. 
  • Make an entry of quantities produced at predetermined storage depending on the product
  • Write out the consumed quantities of raw materials by batches of suppliers
  • Tracks batches of raw material in the produced batches
  • Prepare production report for output by batches
  • Analyze the costs of raw materials into finished goods
  • Connection with Warehouse Module and Sales Module
  • Account the finished goods and the raw materials in the Accounting module
  • Along with the accounting, it accumulates the production and the administrative costs in order to calculate the cost on products.
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