Module "Delivery" covers the following processes.

Orders based on planning. Planning contracts based on set minimum quantities of materials in the warehouse. Procurement contracts for deliveries.

Upon delivery can be issued the following documents: "warehouse receipts", "Invoice delivery", "Spending Cash receipts" or introducing "Banking billing statement." Warehouse receipt can be charged in portions with different invoices, and pay in stages. It is possible payments under certain items of the invoice / receipt warehouse.

Supply costs of material can be automatically increased with additional delivery costs (transport, customs, etc.).

Payments are made through the creation of income / expense cash orders or introduction of bank documents. Can be settled as inventory documents for deliveries and invoices. Each warehouse delivery note and invoice each have a status that is updated after the creation of any instrument of payment associated with it. With one payment document may be settled one or more invoices / warehouse documents and only certain items on the invoice / Warehouses document.

The system has many references to detailed filters (for a period of warehouses by sellers on customers, products, types of items, item groups, etc.).

The system performs automatic accounting entries Accounting module for:

- flock to procure goods and produce from the warehouse.

- invoices

- Settlements

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