Module 'Sales' covers the sale processes of goods and production and estimates to customers.

The system takes orders from the existing e-shop and notify the user for a new active order on the computer screen. So, he should immediately begin the processing of the order. The system enables creation of orders from customers without using e-shop (where the order was made by phone or fax). Internal orders from one site to another can be created also. After the order processing (date for implementation, prices, quantities and approval by the client) the system creates automatically a document for shipment and the goods are discharged from the warehouse. The order status is changed to 'performed'.

The system can issue the following sale documents: 'Protocol for sale', 'Invoice', 'Income cash receipts' or introduce a 'Banking extract payment'. The protokol may be charged in portions with different invoices, and get paid in stages. It is possible to pay certain items of the Invoice / Protocol also.

The pricing is made on the basis of an unlimited number of price lists. A particular price list can be determined for each customer and a general discount can be introduced on it. The system allows to set out the items in groups and, if there is a discount (in %) defined for a group of particular customers, it is taken by priority when the system defines its total discount. It is also possible to introduce a special discount for an item to a customer.

Plans for payment
The data of each client may contain different payment schemes (immediately, after a predefined time, at the end of the month, on the N-th of the next month, etc.). According to the selected schema, the date of payment of the invoice is available by default and can be changed for a specific invoice.

The payments can be implemented by creation of income / expense cash orders or by introduction of bank documents. Warehouse sales documents can be settled as well as invoices. Each warehouse sales document and invoice has a status that is updated after the creation of any relevant document of payment.

The system makes automatically entries in the module Accounting relative to:

  • discharging of items and production sold from the warehouse
  • invoices
  • payments
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