• Function
    Serves as the 100% control of dosing packaging mashine
  • Consist
    It consists of a compact dust-proof computer with a touchscreen that can be connected to each packing machine offers the possibility of communication. Working on assignments for packing lots
  • Opportunities of the Program
    - Register each passed through the machine package and take it to the selected operator of production batch
    - Quantities of packets are rounded to the nominal weight of the package (if within specified tolerances), but in the database is kept precise amount of each of them.
    - The amount of packaged goods is put into storage based registered by the system
    - Blocks of dosing machine in: undetermined batch, lack of communication with her, etc.
    - Reports for packaging chronologically and in batches.
    - Comparative reports between set, packaged and put into storage amount for each batch.


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