An automated system for full service of weighbridge’s operations.

  • Servicing the weighing process of the raw material and the production passing over the weighbridge
  • Operation modes: automatic, manual, weighing only
  • Maintains work with more than one electronic scale
  • Quick access to all measured data
  • Issues a document for:
    a delivery of materials
    a shipment of raw materials and finished goods
  • Automatic entering and connection with the Warehouse module
  • Automatic discharging of items and production, available connection with the Warehouse module
  • A Weighing Note may contain several items
  • Reports for the commodities and materials passing over the truck scale
  • Information for vehicles passing over the scale
  • Available connection with the Laboratory module

It’s a product for creations and managment of customer baskets and online made orders.

  • Free registration of casual visitors on the site
  • Administration of users by setting of price lists and discounts, blocking of unwelcomed users
  • Searching for:
    goods by code, name, catalog number
    spare parts by original number, manufacturer, model and modification of vehicles
  • Creation of a shopping cart and an order for delivery
  • Automatic notification of the employees in the wharehouse for a new order
  • Online tracking of the customer’s order status
  • Automatic generation of a storage document and a sale document
  • Monitoring of commitments and payments with customers

A specialized module servicing the activities of the Laboratory.

Raw Materials analysis
On the basis of the imported scale notes it creates an Analysis certificate.

  • Calculates the bonification weight based on the measured indicators for grain and on the BDS standard
  • Ability to enter the bonification weight in the warehouse data
  • Issues documents:
    Analysis certificate
    Daily Analysis Certificate

Analysis of the production 
On the basis of the batchs produced a Test report can be issued.

ItiSoft Ltd. develops modules for 3 types of production:

1. General production
It includes production schemes for commodities (materials, labor, etc.). On the basis of the recorded output, it sends automatically an order for materials to the store and charges the preset production costs for it.

2. Forage
The information systems Alaska@Forage and Alaska@Mill include all necessary for the relevant production.

  • Make and send production orders to the automated production system.
  • Order the required quantity of materials based on the production order.
  • Control the process of dosing, mixing, crushing, liquid injection, etc. by the “Automated production management system for fodder factory”. 
  • Control the manual dosing by a “Control system for manual dosing of components”
  • Control the packaging process by a “Packaging control system” 
  • Form up a document on the quantities produced by types of items. 
  • Make an entry of quantities produced at predetermined storage depending on the product
  • Write out the consumed quantities of raw materials by batches of suppliers
  • Tracks batches of raw material in the produced batches
  • Prepare production report for output by batches
  • Analyze the costs of raw materials into finished goods
  • Connection with Warehouse Module and Sales Module
  • Account the finished goods and the raw materials in the Accounting module
  • Along with the accounting, it accumulates the production and the administrative costs in order to calculate the cost on products.

A module that services the creation and the optimization of the recipes, as well as the pricing and the factory production of prevender mill, bioconcentrates and vitamin premixes. The module can work both independently and in close connection with the system Alaska@Forage. It has the following functionality:

  • Creation of own nutritional indicators, groups and categories of animals (Determination of limitations in the nutrient composition for an animal category (according to BDS standard, the company policy and the specific recipe)
  • Classification by species, animal categories, customers, production lines, etc
  • Introduction of technological parameters (time for mixing, diameter of the crushing sieve, granulation sieve, granulation temperature)
  • Determination of the dosing mode of the raw material (automatic, manually)
  • Optimization by restrictions in the nutrition components and the commodity prices aiming to obtain the lowest price.
  • Improvement of the pricing by:
    Price list of the raw material
    Monthly depending costs (production, granulation, packaging, profit, others)
    Quick recalculation of the prices of selected recipes based on the current commodity prices and the monthly depending costs.
    Introduction of relationships between prescription and item
    Introduction of dependencies between items in order to make the costs accumulation for packaging, granulation and transportation regarding the price of items that contain this type of expenditure.
    Introduction of multiple price lists for sale and dependencies between them for quick recalculation of prices.
    Export of prices from certain price lists to existing commercial program
  • Recipes for tolling & Active/Inactive recipes 
  • Declaration of Conformity 
  • Production. Creation of jobs for production. Entering of quantities produced. Print 'Jobs' / 'Jobs for dosing of manually dosed components'. Reports of inputs “In execution”  
  • Printing of package labels.

A complete system for registering and reporting of vehicles repairs.

Reception of Automobiles

  • Appointment setting and service planning
  • Reception of the car, description of the customer complaints and damages and registering of the service order
  • Determination of the repair:
    after-sales service
    made by insurance
    regular repair

Repair of car

  • Creation of warehouse documents by issuance order
  • Report of the employees’ working time spent for carrying out the operations relative to the service order
  • Creation of orders for spare parts to suppliers

Checkout and issuing of documents

  • Preparing of Output service order with a final calculation for the customer based on the nested spare parts and labor
  • Issuing of a sale document - invoice and others


  • Monitoring of the commitments and payments with customers and suppliers
  • Warning / Prohibition on acceptance of vehicles of clients with arrears
  • Specialized reports
    work load
    effectiveness of the employees
    painting and tinsmith work with introduced norms of operations associated with various insurance companies

Automatic synchronization of data between the remote sites and the central database.

  • Synchronization of deliveries, sales, payments
  • Possibility for centralized payment of sales from distant objects
  • Ensuring of continuous work at the remote site regardless of the availability of an internet connection (made by e-mail).
  • Central and local monitoring of the synchronization status of each remote site

Complete automated system for managing of warehouses and shops and reporting of inventories.

  • Entering of materials (commodities, production)
  • Discharging of materials (commodities, production)
  • Transfers from store to store
  • Issuing of various documents: Warehouse receipts, Commodity requests, Acceptance Protocol for transfers between warehouses
  • Entering of supplier’s batch, date of manufacture and expiry date of the delivered raw material
  • Quick introduction of invoice for delivery based on the warehouse document
  • Inventories
  • A rich set of reports and statements
  • Monitoring of commitments and payments with suppliers and customers
  • Available connection with Truck Scale module

Module 'Sales' covers the sale processes of goods and production and estimates to customers.

The system takes orders from the existing e-shop and notify the user for a new active order on the computer screen. So, he should immediately begin the processing of the order. The system enables creation of orders from customers without using e-shop (where the order was made by phone or fax). Internal orders from one site to another can be created also. After the order processing (date for implementation, prices, quantities and approval by the client) the system creates automatically a document for shipment and the goods are discharged from the warehouse. The order status is changed to 'performed'.

The system can issue the following sale documents: 'Protocol for sale', 'Invoice', 'Income cash receipts' or introduce a 'Banking extract payment'. The protokol may be charged in portions with different invoices, and get paid in stages. It is possible to pay certain items of the Invoice / Protocol also.

The pricing is made on the basis of an unlimited number of price lists. A particular price list can be determined for each customer and a general discount can be introduced on it. The system allows to set out the items in groups and, if there is a discount (in %) defined for a group of particular customers, it is taken by priority when the system defines its total discount. It is also possible to introduce a special discount for an item to a customer.

Plans for payment
The data of each client may contain different payment schemes (immediately, after a predefined time, at the end of the month, on the N-th of the next month, etc.). According to the selected schema, the date of payment of the invoice is available by default and can be changed for a specific invoice.

The payments can be implemented by creation of income / expense cash orders or by introduction of bank documents. Warehouse sales documents can be settled as well as invoices. Each warehouse sales document and invoice has a status that is updated after the creation of any relevant document of payment.

The system makes automatically entries in the module Accounting relative to:

  • discharging of items and production sold from the warehouse
  • invoices
  • payments
  • Function
    Serve to control and support the operator for manual dosing of components
  • Consist
    It consists of a compact dust-proof computer tachskpiyn connected to one or more electronic scales and to the information system of enterprise
  • Opportunities of the Program
    - work assignments for dispensing portions hand components that are part of the overall task of producing
    - Inform the operator for new, pending and unfinished tasks
    - Allows dosing only after the scanned bar code, and then greatly reduce the risk
      from choosing the incorrect components
    - Registers dosage of each component, assisting the operator during the assay, by displaying the remaining quantity of batching
    - Displays tolerances dosing of each ingredient and monitor their compliance.
    - References for dosing in chronological order and batch


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